ZSR Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision in Jaipur by Most Experienced Urologist- Dr Ankit Kayal

What is ZSR circumcision?

Circumcision is an age-old procedure and traditionally done in Jews Muslims, African and American tribes. It is classically done in treatment of foreskin issues like Phimosis, Paraphimosis & Balanitis. Nowadays there are increasing trends for cosmetic appearance of Penis too.

It has some benefits like:
• Easier to maintain hygiene and easy to wash penis.
• Decrease risk of penile cancer.
• Early detection of penile problems
• As easy to maintain hygiene, so decreases risk of UTI ( Urinary Tract Infections)
• Better cosmetic appearance.

Circumcision does not affect fertility and should be avoided in hypospadias patients. Always meet urologist/ andrologist like dr Ankit Kayal before planning for zsr circumcision in Jaipur.

Procedure and Recovery time of ZSR Circumcision

Traditionally, circumcision was done by conventional method by cutting and stitching. Nowadays with advancement in technique it is done by stapler technique with silicon ring popularly known as ZSR stapler technique.
ZSR stapler technique is 10 procedures, discharge is done after one hour. There is no scar or wound after surgery.
You can read this blog written by Dr Ankit Kayal on ZSR circumcision a new age procedure to know more about the ZSR circumcision.

Recovery time after stapler circumcision

It is a daycare procedure. You can go home after 1 to 2 hours and return to normal work after 24 hours.
Anesthesia required- Dr Ankit Kayal and other urologists used to do this procedure in local anaesthesia, regional penile block & general anaesthesia according to patient convenience. No overnight stay is required for Stapler circumcision.
Intercourse and sexual activity - According to Dr Ankit Kayal after the procedure wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before resuming sexual intercourse.

ZSR Circumcision Cost in Jaipur

ZSR Circumcision cost in Jaipur depends on :
• If associate Frenuloplasty with Laser is needed or not.
• How severe is the disease if there is associate BXO or not, stricture or not
• As many cases also suffer from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
You can contact Dr Ankit Kayal the best urologist in Jaipur to know the exact cost of the treatment.

Why do people undergo circumcision?

Some common reasons why people undergo zsr circumcision are:
• Due to some religious and social beliefs, this procedure is performed on newborn babies.
• Better cosmetic appearance.
• Circumcision reduces the risk of numerous diseases such as cancer, STD, UTI, and foreskin infection.
• It helps treat balanitis, which is swelling of the penis.
• It treats phimosis and paraphimosis, where the penis cannot retract the skin.

What precautions should be taken after ZSR circumcision?

• Before touching the operated region, always wash and sterilize your hands.
• Keep the surgical area dry and clean.
• Until the wound has healed, do not use any over-the-counter ointment or oil.
• Unless otherwise specified, you can dress normally.
• Change your dressing as directed by your doctor.
• The silicon ring helps most staplers fall off on their own. The doctor will check for any leftover staples during your follow-up visit.

Why Choose Dr Ankit kayal for ZSR Circumcision in Jaipur?

Dr Ankit Kayal is qualified and certified Urologist/Andrologist by Medical Council of India. He is the Urologist who started doing this zsr circumcision in Jaipur/Rajasthan, due to his best result at Kayal Urocenter later this procedure got popularity in Rajasthan. He did the highest number of Stapler Circumcision with best cosmetic results.
Dr Ankit Kayal is a well experienced Andrologist so he takes care of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues of these patients. As many of these patients have erectile dysfunction issues so treatment helps to make relationships better.
As Dr Ankit Kayal trained Endourologist, So he also takes care of associate BXO changes, urethral stricture diseases and makes urinary stream better and if further patient needed. He also does a complete cure of disease and makes life better.
If you are looking for zsr circumcision in Jaipur then book an appointment with Dr Ankit kayal now!