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What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a diagnostic minimal surgical procedure that is used by doctors to get a closer look at the organs in the patient's abdomen. This procedure is also used to collect samples for further testing.
Multiple organs such as the appendix, liver, pancreas, uterus, gallbladder, pelvic, spleen, and stomach of the body can be diagnosed with the help of laparoscopy surgery.

Who is diagnosed with a laparoscopy procedure?

A laparoscopy procedure is performed to diagnose(identity) and treat diseases that affect the abdomen part of the body. With the help of a laparoscopic procedure, the doctor can diagnose the diseases related to the following :
• Liver disease
• A tumor or abdominal mass
• Endometriosis
• Fibroids
• Hernia
• Cholecystitis
• Pelvic inflammatory disease
• Gall bladder stone

How is laparoscopic surgery performed?

At the very first, the patient is asked to lay down in a tilt position. General anesthesia is given to the patient to relax the muscles and prevent pain during laparoscopy surgery.
After that,
• A small incision will be done near the navel.
• A Laparoscope will be inserted through that Incision. It helps the surgeon to see and locate the organs properly(If needed tissues sample is also taken out)
• With a laparoscope, surgical devices will be equipped to take out the tissue sample for further testing.
• For some minor surgical procedures, other small incisions may be performed near the pubic hairline.
• Post Surgery, patients will be asked to stay in a recovery room for 1 hour.

After the observation, a patient may be required to pay follow-up visits to the doctor's cabin within 2-8 weeks. The doctor will explain to you the diet plan and other things which you need to follow after the laparoscopy procedure.

How to Prepare Before the Laparoscopic procedure?

There are certain things to consider before one undergoes laparoscopic surgery.
• You might be asked to quit smoking, eating, and drinking after midnight the day before your procedure.
• Wearing loose-fitting clothes.
• Take the medicine prescribed before surgery (If any)
• Remove nail paint or any makeup, jewelry before surgery

What are the benefits of Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopy surgery has many benefits for patients. Some of them are as follows:-
• This is a minimally invasive surgery, It causes very less pain to the patients.
• A patient can get an early discharge from the hospital
• A patient will have fewer scars on the body
• After the surgery patient can be recovered fast
• A patient can get back to daily activities or work sooner

What can be the follow-up tips after the laparoscopy procedure?

Individuals who have undergone a laparoscopy procedure. Here are some of the tips that can significantly help them to recover faster.
• Avoid drinking alcohol at least 2-3 days after the procedure
• Take proper rest
• Avoid driving for 1-2 days after the surgery
• Take all the medicine on time prescribed by your healthcare provider
• Follow the diet given by your doctor
• Don’t lift heavy objects

What can be the side effects of laparoscopic procedures?

The patient who has undergone the laparoscopic procedure might suffer from certain side effects. Some of them are:-
• Blood loss or Bleeding after the surgery
• Infection issues
• Inflammation to the abdominal wall
• Short-term anesthesia issues
• Blood clots in the lungs, pelvic, or legs.
• Fever and chills
• Pain in abdomen

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