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Many people in this world suffer from diseases related to the urinary tract. Some of them develop stones in their urinary tract. Laser surgery is one of the most popular and advanced treatment techniques in the medical field to treat all kinds of urinary stones without making any incision on the body.
The urologist uses laser technology to treat urinary stones. The urinary tract of the human body includes the ureter, urethra, kidney, and bladder. If you have a stone problem in any part of the urinary tract then you should get in touch with a nearby expert urology doctor. Dr. Ankit Kayal is a reputed name among the urologist’s medical fraternity to offer laser surgery treatment for all urinary stones.

Why laser treatment is offered by a urologist?

Generally, laser treatment is offered for various different medical conditions. But, In the field of urology, laser treatment is specially used to remove urinary stones and tumors in the urinary tract of the body. The following are the types of stones in the urinary tract of the body.

Kidney stone

It refers to a stone that develops in the kidney of the patient and causes severe pain. The person can have different types of kidney stones.

Bladder stone

Bladder stone is also a condition that is treated by a Urology doctor. The stone causes long-term urinary difficulty in the person. Prostate enlargement can be caused due to bladder stones in men.

Ureter stone

The ureter stone occurs in a tube that joins the kidney with the urinary bladder. It is the mineral mass in the ureter. This stone can block the flow of urine.

Urethral stone

These are kidney stones that are stuck in one or both ureters. The flow of urine can be blocked if the size of such stones is big. A person with a urethral stone can have lower abdominal pain and need to urinate more frequently than usual.

Benefits of Laser treatment

Laser treatment has many benefits and some of them are as follows:
• This is a minimally invasive surgery and the urologist need not do any incision on the patient’s body.
• Patients need not stay for long in the hospital. Generally, 1 or 2 days post-admission.
• The patient can live a normal life as usual.
• Cost-effective treatment.
• Fast recovery.
• Less treatment time(maximum of 2 hours).
• Stones up to 3 cm can be treated.
• Painless surgery.

Laser treatment Procedure:

Laser Treatment Procedure

Step 1 : Firstly, anesthesia is administered to the patient.
Step 2 : A small lighted instrument called a ureteroscope to locate the stone.
Step 3 : Ureteroscope is inserted into the patient’s urethra & bladder to access the kidney & ureter.
Step 4 : Once the stone is visible to a urologist, a laser fiber is used to transmit holmium energy to break up the stone in the urinary tract.
Step 5 : Then broken stone pieces will be removed through the urethra in a basket and the remaining pieces can be passed later with urination.
Step 6 : Insertion of a stent between the urethra & kidney. It is inserted for healing and it will also help in removing small stones from the body.
Step 7 : The stent will be removed from the patient’s body after one week of surgery.

How to prepare before laser surgery treatment?

The following points can help you to take care of the things you need to do before laser treatment.
• Follow the instruction given by your general doctor and take all medicine on time.
• Follow the diet plan.
• Don’t eat anything immediately before the laser treatment.
• Wear loose-fitting clothes.
• Bring all your medical documents with you.

What a patient should do after the laser treatment?

The patient should follow the following points after the laser treatment for the fast recovery.
• Take all the medicine on time.
• Follow the diet given by the urologist.
• Follow all the instructions or advice.
• If the patient suffers from pain for a long time, consult the urologist.
• Drink adequate water.

Why choose Dr. Ankit Kayal for the laser treatment?

If you are looking for laser surgery treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Dr. Ankit Kayal is considered one of the best urologist in Jaipur of medical fraternity. Apart from performing more than 5000 procedures. Dr. Ankit Kayal is an esteemed urologist doctor and he specializes in Laser treatment,Kidney stone, Prostate enlargement, Laparoscopy, andKidney transplantation.

His specializations:

• He efficiently performs laser treatment and successfully cured many patients with kidney stones, ureter stones, urethra stones, or bladder stones.
• He has been awarded many awards in the field of urology.
• He is well versed with the latest and most advanced technology to treat different diseases related to the urinary tract.
• Treatment to the kidney, ureter, urethra, and bladder of a person.
• Dr. Ankit Kayal uses personalized care, a compassionate approach along with in-depth communication about the disease to the patient.

If you are suffering from any kind of urology problem then get in touch with Dr. Ankit Kayal. Contact or Call today to book an appointment or consultation.