Kidney stone

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What is a kidney stone?

Every year, more than 50,000 people suffer from kidney stones and other related kidney issues. Generally, Men have a higher chance of getting a kidney stone as compared to women. It is observed that 10 out of 100 people will get a kidney stone at the later stage of their life.
Kidney stones are the hard deposit of salts and minerals that form in the kidney. They are also known as ascalculi, urolithiasis, and nephrolithiasis. Kidneys help us to extract the waste from our body and it goes out in the form of urine. But, when excess wastes start accumulating in the urine it causes crystals formation in the body. Gradually, they attract other minerals and salts to become stones.
The stones can form in any part of the urinary tract. If the stone is small enough then it will come out by urine flow but that causes pain. A kidney stone can be easily treated because nowadays many new technologies have emerged in the world.
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What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Some people experience symptoms at an early stage while some remain unaware of the fact that they might be at risk of kidney stones. Here are some of the most common noticeable symptoms of kidney stone

• Frequent lower back pain
• Nausea and vomiting becomes common
• Fever & chills
• Experiencing severe stomach pain
• Having blood in your urine
• When you feel pain and a burning sensation during urination.
• Your urine is cloudy or smells very bad

Causes of kidney stone

A person can suffer from a kidney stone at any stage of his life. Here are some of the possible causes of kidney stones:-

• Excess weight gain.
• Not drinking adequate water.
• Some medical conditions can also lead to a kidney stone
• Habit of eating food with too much sugar or salt
• Habit of eating food with too much sugar or salt
• Family history can also cause kidney stone

What are the types of kidney stones?

Kidney stones are mainly divided under 4 types. The following are the types of kidney stones.

Struvite stones :
The presence of struvite stones is associated with chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs). Bacteria reduce urine acidity by making it more basic or alkaline. Usually, these stones are large, often with branches, and they grow quite quickly.

Uric Acid :
Urine intake leads to higher levels of monosodium urate, which under the right circumstances, may form kidney stones. Several foods, including organ meats and shellfish, contain high levels of a natural chemical compound called purine. The stone which is caused due to excess purine is called uric acid.

Calcium Oxalate :
This is the most common form of kidney stone. When calcium and oxalate combine in the urine, calcium oxalates are formed. The formation of calcium oxalate in the kidney is because of insufficient calcium and fluid intake, among other factors.

Cystine Stone :
A certain type of food contains cysteine, an amino acid that is part of the building blocks of protein. It is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder that results in too much cysteine in the urine.
Basically, it occurs when the kidneys fail to reabsorb cysteine from the urine. The high amount of cysteine in the body forms stones.

Treatments offered for kidney stone

The treatment of kidney stones is similar for every age group. The kidney stone can be treated in many ways and that depends on the type and size of the stone. The following are the treatments for kidneys offered by a urologist or nephrologist.

Shock-wave lithotripsy -

It is a non-surgical laser treatment of kidney stones that uses high-energy sound waves to break down the stone into small pieces. After this, The small piece of stone is passed out in the urine easily.

Pain relievers -

For the very small stones, the kidney doctor may give pain relievers to the patient to get rid of the kidney stone.

Ureteroscopy -

It is a surgical procedure that is done for large stones. In ureteroscopy, an endoscope is inserted through the ureter to diagnose and treat the stone. With the help of ureteroscopy, the stone can be pulled out of the body.

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