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Dr Ankit Kayal, MCh Urology is founder and Director of Kayal Care Centre , an advanced Urology Clinic at Vaishali nagar Jaipur.
Dr Ankit Kayal is the top Urologist, Andrologist and laparoscopic Surgeon in Jaipur. He has treated many patients from India and abroad.
Dr Ankit Kayal is expert in Laser Surgeries for both Stone and Prostate. He has been awarded many international scholarships throughout his academic carrier. He is also very good speaker and delivered many presentations in national & International conferences & published more then ten articles in International journals.
Dr Kayal is also considered as best reconstructive surgeon and andrologist in Jaipur as he is treating number of patients of urethral stricture, foreskin issues and erectile dysfunction.

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Dr Ankit Kayal's Urology Clinic is a state of the art facility equipped with latest medical facility and advanced technology.
The Kayal Urocenter have highly qualified, intelligent, aspiring and enthusiastic team of Urologist, Andrologist, Sexologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon and highly trained & experienced staff.
Main aim is to provide best affordable advance treatment for urological diseases.
We also update n upgrade ourself frequently with latest technology treatment for Kidney/Ureter/ Bladder/ Prostate/Penis/ Testis/Scrotum/ Foreskin related issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passing urine freely is a blessing. Ask those who have troubles voiding. There is IPSS ( International Prostate Symptom Score ) for evaluating urinary issues and varies from score of 1 to 35. Apart from Humans dogs also have frequent urinary problems due to enlarged prostate. UTIs have a life time incidence of 50 to 60% in adult females. Which makes it a major healthcare burden needing urgent attention and treatment.

Tummy pain in the sides or lower abdomen can be due to urological causes, essentially stones Tummy pain is like Pandoras Box and can have myriad of causes and it is onus of a physician or a surgeon to delineate the right cause and guide the treatment. About 12% of Indian population is expected to suffer from Urinary Stones and about 50% of them may have damaged kidneys because of them. North India lies in the Stone Endemic Zone and all the people staying in the belt are prone to have urinary calculi Recurrence of stone in individual who has passed stone or had treatment is more common than usual cancer recurrence.

Stones are a common problem one in 10 people are at risk of having them. Once it develops the chances of recurrence are 50% in 10 years. Treatment focussing on why the stones are forming is thus very very important. In todays era stone surgery is endoscopic and there is little if any role for Open surgery. Gall Bladder stones are stones of Gall Bladder which is close to the liver and aids in containing bile for food digestion. The treatment of Gall stones involves removal of Gall Bladder by Laparoscopy.

Do you know that one in three men have some or the other issues with their foreskin that causes problems in their intimate life. Circumcision is effective in reducing the incidence of contracting HIV. Circumcision is considered cosmetic by many males and their partners. Ignoring foreskin hygiene is a major cause leading to recurrent urinary infections in Diabetics and Obese patients.

Most men are not satisfied with some or the other aspect of their Penis Penis is never ramrod straight for any males and have a natural right or left curvature. About 1 in 3 patients suffer from Erectile dysfunction at some point in their life